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Written translations

A written translation entails a transfer of text from its original form to the target language. The cost of translation is calculated per translation page with spaces. One translation page consists of 1800 characters. The price estimate is given according to the current determined rate and may be reduced or increased depending on the urgency and complexity of the translated text.


Translations certified by a court interpreter

Documents issued by state authorities, within the country or abroad, need to be translated and certified so that they would represent a legal document. These are usually diplomas, accreditations, certificates, decisions and similar documents. A translation certified by a court interpreter consists of the translated text, signature and official seal of the interpreter.


Oral translation

Oral translation is the transfer of verbal communication from its original form to the target language. During the process of oral translation, the interpreter transfers the meaning and essence of the spoken words. The most common forms of oral translation are consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. It is essential to know the exact date and duration of the oral translation, as well as to provide the translators with any available materials for their preparation.

The most common forms of oral translation are the services of a court interpreter during the marriage ceremony, assistance during communication with various organizations, banks, as well as meetings with partners and suppliers from abroad.



Proofreading is the correction of spelling and grammar and the adjustment of the manuscript, the adaptation of the text to the spirit of the language and presentation of new language solutions. Proofreading of professional texts is exclusively done by translators who are experts in

the given subject.

Revision means the correction of spelling and punctuation marks which, perhaps seeming insignificant, may on occasion alter the meaning of the text.

The cost of proofreading and revision of the text is 60% of the full translation price.